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Savino Lattanzio

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It’s not enough to reach maximum efficiency. What’s important is finding a special quality in the “journey,” not just the destination. Because the path to creating a personal site, a social strategy, a blog, is something important that unites, in the long term or even for just an instant, the spirit of the client with that of the professional.

Savino Lattanzio

Founder, Web Designer


Born in Venice to creative parents, he dealt from an early age with figurative art and music, which was a particular passion of his father’s. He spent several years in Tuscany, staying in Florence and Siena, and then in Bolzano, the capital of the Alps. He often travels in Europe and in the US. As a multimedia Web designer, he spends 50% of his time doing research, in order to guarantee services and products that are always cutting edge, with the aim of conciliating Italian style with new technologies. He created more than 500 websites, 48 multimedia CD-ROMs, 15 DVDs, 76 TV title sequences, and 3 audio CDs. He is an advisor to several Italian companies and a multimedia teacher at various schools and institutes.

Raffaele Mazzei

Copywriter, Strategic Planner


With more than twenty years of experience under his belt as Copywriter and Strategic Planner he’s worked for italian and international brands such as ABF Barnabei, Ala Assicurazioni (Gruppo Sara), Aldo Brué, Angelini, Autodromo di Modena, Banca Popolare di Ancona, Birra Castello, Cantori, Coal, Confartigianato Marche, Fellowes Leonardi, FBT, Fimag, Gatto Cucine, Gel, Gitronica (Gruppo Guzzini), iGuzzini, Laboratorio Pesaro, Nonno Nanni, Pastificio Luciana Mosconi, Melania, Moretti Forni, Rede Guzzini, San Benedetto Acqua Minerale, Colorificio San Marco, Sixtus, and Ubi Banca Popolare di Bergamo. Raffaele Mazzei takes a logical and systematic approach, focusing on brand identity and identifying what gives a brand its unique competitive advantage. He has a thirst for knowledge. He reads products and people in an instant and is able to see their soul. He is equally at home with TV ads, videos, social networking, brochures and ad campaigns. He can condense the world into a single slogan. He won’t stop until he finds the absolutely perfect words. At night he falls asleep snuggled up to metonyms and synechdoches.

Silvia Tamburriello

Sales Director, PR


An Italian in New York with a big heart, equally divided between the Italian boot and the Big Apple. An emotional and creative character, she is skilled in generating friendships, human relations, and business dynamics. Silvia benefits from a degree in Computer Mathematics, and takes advantage of every part of herself: right hemisphere, left hemisphere, and an openness of mind able to unite rationality with vision. She provides analysis and strategy, in a flow that is as engaging as her quick thinking. As an Italian, she loves beauty in all of its forms. As a citizen of New York, she guarantees the rigor of a preparation that is solid and always up to date. Her favorite weapons are social media sites, which she uses tumultuously and eclectically:  Facebook, Meetup, Skype, LinkedIn, Livestream, YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Google+ . Silvia has also developed a special talent as a videomaker and she is always in connection with the world. She loves conveying people and brands through current and involving stories, with an innovative  touch that at times betrays her origins.

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